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Techology to unwind and insert security threads into banknotes

The logical challenge in the production of banknotes is of course that money cannot and may never be reproduced. Authenticity is the unconditional credo. “The quality of the security threads to be inserted and the way how they are embedded into the paper, within tight tolerances or different curves are therefore of great importance.

We’ve developed a procedure whereby we were able to adjust the correct tension in each thread to be insertet in the paper. Stored into recipes. This is essential for a constant operator-independent manner on which the position of the threads in the paper can be guaranteed.

Click the link below and see how the EUR 50 banknote is been made. Particuraly timeframe 1:22 – 1:42 and you will see our gear!

Different curves of the thread in the paper are possible through our well designed Servo-Driven Oscillation system available for embedded as well as windowthread. Together with automatic thread infeed systems we make the working area for operators safer; at the same time proving the mill with a higher efficiecy.

Furthermore, everything is now digitally traceable; each bobbin has its own ID and position in the paper recorded in the “Bobbin Monitoring System Software”. Traceability is the credo. It is no longer necessary to keep a manual logbook. The operator therefore has much less manual work; this helps to reduce failure costs and manage/plan the upstream process.

The designed control system communicates with up-stream equipment such as camera inspection systems and elongation measurement system, which eliminates any possible problems in advance.

To flip RSU “Right Side Up” threads becomes now possible.

The entire production process is has not only arrived to a technical higher and more intelligent quality; more efficiency and intelligence has also been created. Furthermore, the quality of the production of banknotes has been increased to a higher level. What organization within this discipline does not wish to embrace this?”

The technology as described above is available for sharing, in the security paper industry or other industries we haven’t yet thought of. If you would like to receive more information in order to reach your BHAG in strategic paper innovation, or if we can facilitate you in leveraging your R&D, contact us.

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