Our Innovations

On this site we provide you with an overview of all our projects over the last years. Technology based upon 35 years of experience in different fields.

Should you have a call for a design/project, contact us by phone or email and we will contact you shortly. Our Field of Expertise is Mechatronics, both Mechanical Engineering and Electronic (Servo/motion) Drive and Automation Systems.

We can provide our services on location or from our office. Our expertise in mechanical engineering covers Inventor and Solidworks.

Please click on the appropiate market segment and scroll through various products and technologies; should you have any question , please feel free to contact us for further information. Products can be made available as Blueprint. The blueprint version allows you to manufacture it locally in your own economy, or to leverage your own strategic innovation – project. All products are open to any suggestions and comments. If you are not in position to do the engineering yourself we will be most happy to provide you with the resources to do so.


We have a certain and specific approach towards our projects. As we are familiair in diversified industries over the past 35 years plus a strong competence by knowledge of engineering and applicatingĀ  we have adapted ourselves to one, but essential strategy: cross-over innovation. Crossover innovation is a method based upon sourcing knowledge, materials and technologies from one sector and integrating this into a product for a different sector. This approach results in out-of-the-box innovations bordered by feasibility. Beneficial to you in terms of technology and leveraging the R&D process.