Technology towards buns & rolls, decoration, conveying, sprinkling and dosing.

Our expertise in the Bakery Industry covers several projects, from complete new machine-development to process-optimalisation and product innovations.

Projects towards:

  • Productionlines for producing buns and rolls
  • Decoration of buns and rolls in different patterns
  • Sprinkling and dosing
  • Drumrounder, rounding of pieces of dough

Customized solutions may utilize our mechanical-, servo-programming and motion-control expertise, our ability to design equipment into your existing production line or stand-alone.

In view of our vision we are interested in projects that contributes to the reduced use of environmentally harmful materials, increased ease of opening and simple resealability , keydrivers in developing new and innovate packaging machinery, or -forms.

If you require our knowledge or if you think that you could benefit from our Crossover Innovation Strategy to leverage your R&D, contact us. We are engineers and we share !