Servo-Driven Thread Insertion-/Oscillation System


The system, custom developed for the security paper industry,  is a construct of two (2) individual bars each consiting of 18 Infeed-modules for window thread (Roller type) and 18 Infeed-modules for Embedded thread (Tube with Venturi) ; each bar having its own Oscillation-ServoDrive-Motor for regulating both Amplitude and Frequency, and which allows you to create your own curves
The solution is designed in such way that it fits each type of papermachine. Brackets – supports are available for each type of VAT

The Curves to be defined in the HMI of the MUS, graphically, parametric, and stored in recipes for a quick change-over.


Filament Insertion System, containing the following items / functions:

  • 2 bars, 1-bar for embedded-thread and 1-bar for window-thread
  • i.e. 36 or Infeed Modules containing 18 Left- and 18 Right hand modules.
  • A minumum parallel distance of 10 mm per banknote by using two bars!
  • Simple and turn-key design, tool-free!
  • Oscillation 0-15mm (=stroke / Amplitude)
  • Frequency and Amplitude in linear function with machinespeed
  • i.e. 18 Blow-in pipes with Venturi Inlet for Stock thread,
  • Internal diameter of the tube is Ø 6mm, Ø 10mm or Ø 12mm
  • Suitable for threads up to 8.0 mm; other dimensions available as an option.
  • Suitable for air- and water inlet/injection
  • Safe for the operator as he doesn’t have to reach within his hand/arm in the pulp to introduce the thread
  • Insertion Bar  engraved with a scale
  • Sets of filament guide rollers, 6 pieces of each width, to suit the bar a.m. in 8.
    • 1 – 1.2 – 1.5 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 mm (0.2 mm added on wheel’s width vs thread width)
    • Each guide roller assembly is engraved with the specific thread width.

The Bar with the Infeed-modules can be easily exchanged by a reserve-bar (Option) , this to reduce any downtime of the PM.
All connections are with snap-function and where as possible tool-free !

A customized solution, designed for you and ready to share, turn-key, as full blueprint, or in Sub-Assemblies.

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