MUS-Multiple Unwind Systems for Security Threads


Pica has a number of years , 22 up to now, a global experience in the unwinding and insertion of security threads in banknote paper. The information available is as a full system or as Blueprint (shared Technology) which allows you to manufacture the MUS in your own economy.

We can offer the latest technology in servo- and automation to bring a number of security threads up to Thread Insertion System or Cylinder Mould, complete with all proces-key-data like bobbin monitoring, automatic splicing, automatic flipping of RSU-Righ Sight Up threads etc…

The unwinding heads are fitted with:

  • low-mass Dancer with smooth-running guide rollers. (Patented)
  • highly dynamic position control.
  • Dancer with proportional valve for adjusting the line tension, free adjustable in the HMI-panel;
  • adjustable between 20 – 250 cN (by one parameter only)
  • other values upon request.
  • Accuracy: +/- <5 cN on the set-value
  • In comparison with a position control regulated dancer arm with pneumatic cylinder:
  • No wear and tear on parts;
  • Very constant controlled tension;
  • A Pilot system is available for demonstration.

All individual Unwinds are having a direct servo-drive on the Bobbinshaft; all types of bobbins can be unwind, from MEFO up to HKV-250 without changing settings or parameters
The Bobbin is directly driven by a high quality servo-motor without reduction. The servo-motor is highly dynamic throughout the whole speed range and has perfect speed regulation over the whole operating range, almost down to stand-still , smooth operation is guaranteed even at very low rpm. Chosen for a servo-motor and –drive means also practically no maintenance and high reliability.

State of the Art Unwind Technology – Constant tension over the whole diameter range at all speeds – A strong reduction in Maintenance-State of the Art Thread Insertion System – Servo-driven Oscillation, programmable against Recipes – Usage of large bobbins –  usually 40-80 kms/bobbin at 2-4 mm wide thread – HKV250 – MEFO – HKV200 – significant increase in thread changes – Communication Link between MUS and your PLC based upon an OPC server.


  • Easy and Intuitive Operation Mode, also for new-users
  • Status of each unwind by colour
  • Digital Tension Setting per Unwind
  • Tension to be set individual or as total
  • Oscillation Curves
    • Sinus
    • Block- or Step form
    • Custom curves
  • Alarm values
  • To receive and send recipes.
  • Individual unwinder activation and deactivation switches over the field bus
  • Dealing with Error and Failures while source can be read in the display.
  • Image status unwinder
  • Service levels for drive and motor
  • This access is dependent on log-in levels in the HMI
  • Each Unwind can be addressed to a certain track in the Paper:
    • A1….up to A6
    • B1….up to B6
    • C1….up to C6
    • D1….up to D6
    • E1…..up to E6

Reference videos:

Euro 20 production:

Euro 50 Production: