Pica Purchased the Assets of former Pro-Vision Engineering

November 6, 2017

Corvus Holland B.V. trading under the name of Pro-Vison Engineering was a global, key-player in the security paper -, carton and paper-, cigarette- and food industry with many innovative solutions towards:

  • (Tear) Tape Dispensers (Unwinds) to provide an “easy opening” solution to consumer products
  • Multiple Unwind Systems for the unwinding of tapes & security threads
  • Security Thread Insertion Systems together with Oscillation
  • High Speed Taping Systems (i.e. express enveloppes)
  • Flat Surface Tape Applicators (i.e. Folding Boxes)
  • Custom made Unwinds (foil, paper, non-wovens)
  • Print Registration System
  • Inline Windowpatching
  • Automatic Splicers

and filed unfortunately for bankcrupty in October 2017.

Acquirement of Assets

Pica saw the opportunity’s of the innovation power, products and projects of Pro-Vision Engineering and acquired the following assets on November 6th 2017

  • the inventory-stock belonging to Corvus Holland
  • the tangible assets belonging to Corvus Holland.
  • the intangible assets present, all in the broadest sense of the word, including, among other things, the rights under the customer base, the right to use the (trade) names of the bankrupt company, website, logo, the use of administration, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, orders, project (data), licenses and developments, intellectual property etc.,
  • Work in progress

Should you wish to receive further details, please contact Mr. Marco Luiten, CEO at marco@pica-ic.eu