E-Commerce High Speed Taping System Redesigned

September 28, 2020


The High Speed Taping Application System , the HSTA-300 redesigned.

We’ve improved our HSTA-300 Taping system for e-commerce packaging which was originally launched in the market in 2015.


  • Speed Update: targetting 300 m/min


  • One Taping Machine, available in the following configurations
    • Silicon Paper – Tearstrip
    • Silicon Paper – Silicon Paper
    • Silicon Paper – Tearstrip – Silicon Paper


  • We’ve eliminated the vacuum holes in our Vacuum-drum
    • Clean Drum-design
    • Friendly to the operator
    • Reduction in the calculation process in the motion-controller


The HSTA is the Best-in-Class of Taping e-commerce related packaging.

Extreem Innovative, Reliable, high speed (up to 300 m/min) on both tearstrip and silicon paper.

A Unique Servo Driven High Speed Vacuum Wheel Taping System developed to apply Film, Paper, Finger lift Tape as well as Tear Strip Tape or Ripper Tape
to moving products being conveyed on a folder gluer or similar machine. The drum-sizes guarantees together with direct servo’s quarantees the high speed, the rev/min are still low. And the servo-driven Uwninders together with tension control quarantees full web-control.

All movements are fully rotary therefore a quarantee for a long life-time and low maintenance-costs

In respond to sustainability requirements of our customers we’ve recently starten with a system to apply two pieces of Silicon Paper and to eliminate the ‘Plastic’ Tear Tape. One Silicon Strip for Closing and one for Returning

Ripper-tape, double-sided tape and/or ‘peel & seal’ applied to corrugated- or solid carton packaging by one System.

Video of the system running at 200 m/min can be found on YouTube: https://youtu.be/04lgn6JdrYM

Please feel free contact us for your high-speed taping-enquiries / enquiries welcome