110195 High Speed Taping System, HSTA-ION


The HSTA-ION is a servo-belt driven High Speed Tape Application System. The unit is designed to apply intermittend pieces of tape, silicon paper, tearstrip onto moving products like envelopes and e-commerce boxes. Multiple units offers a ‘close-open and return’ solution

The speed of the system is designed from 0-200 meter per minute and plus.

The Applicator comes with a servo-driven Unwinder suitable for traverse spooled reels of TAPE.

It cut with a programmable length-X, whereas 110 < X < 1.200mm, and to apply the cut tape in pre-defined positions on a sheet of solid or corrugated carton, transported on an existing folding gluer made by Bobst, Duran, Jagenberg, Vega or any other type of folder-gluer / window-patcher.

We as Pica  designed and tested the product together with Servo-Technology from SEW. The hardware- and software covers the latest version from SEW.

If you would like to receive further information, purchase it as product or as a blueprint including software, please contacts us for further details.

Open-innovation , transparent , technology provided by Pica Innovation Centre.