(E-Commerce) Carton packaging

Pica has designed for the paper and carton industry several innovative solutions towards Taping, Window Patching, Corrugated Stack Turner etc. Click to continue...


“Cartonboard is not only renewable but also fully recyclable and biodegradable, making it the perfect example of a circular economy that appeals to informed consumer sentiment”


Pica has developed for  the paper and carton industry  socalled taping equipment to stimulate e-commerce packaging. Equipment to be retrofitted to new or existing folder-gluers to apply intermittent pieces of tape, silicon paper, film and / or teartape.

Silicon Paper to close the e-commerce carton and teartape or tearstrip to open the package.


Applicators for inline Window-patching solutions are available as well.

The key advantes of the designed systems are:

  • High Speed < 200m/min
  • Reliable and High Efficient
  • Rotary movements
  • Servo Driven
  • One System to apply two tapes simultenously
  • Flexible with Receipes
  • 20 years of proven records in the paper&carton Industry

Customized solutions may utilize our mechanical-, servo-programming and motion-control expertise, our ability to design equipment into your existing production line or stand-alone.

In view of our visions we are interested in projects that contributes to the reduced use of environmentally harmful materials, increased ease of opening and simple resealability , keydrivers in developing new and innovate packaging machinery, or -forms.

The technology can be made available as blueprint. Second our interest is to facilitate you in reaching your BHAG in Strategic Carton Innovations to make the world more sustainable.

If you require our knowledge or if you think  that we can leverage your R&D, just contact us. We are engineers and we share !