Pica Innovation Centre B.V. is located in Emmen – The Netherlands in the north-east region called Drenthe

Pica  Innovation  Centre is an open  innovation source  for  consulting, design  and  engineering  to drive  innovation  in  the  processing-and packaging industry  of  food,  bakery,  tobacco,  paper  &  carton,  security  papers  and  in-mould-labelling.

We position ourselves as  Strategic Innovation Coach. We target ourselves with solutions or products in markets with high volumes, with high technology standards driving solutions towards a sustainable business and global equality.    

Our  vision is driving open innovation to make knowledge available to any person or  organization  by  sharing

This and cross-over knowledge in a variety of industries,  regular  and  constructive  dialogue  with  our  end-users in its sectors plus the  company’s ability  to  operate  and  facilitate  internationally, is driving  disruptive  ideas  in  niche- or existing markets.

Just  to  make  you  say ‘WOW ’ 

“Challenge us with your strategic goals”