100700 NWU ‘Non Woven Unwind System’

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The Unwind is developed and manufactured in 1999 in a one-off Order of 154 units and designed as downstream equipment to the production process of mouth caps. Particularly for the ties and upper (nose) and bottom stripes of the cap.

It’s designed to unwind traverse large spooled reels of Non-Woven material with an outer diameter of 800 cm. Thus providing a higher efficiency to the process as to original pancake shaped reels that has to be changed often and results in waste-caps at every joint.

The requested speed at that time was approx 100 meters/minute and tension can be set around 100 cN, regardless the diameter the dancer will keep it at 100cN at all times. Note that we can provide unwinds up and above 300m/min and with free contrable-programmable tension between 20cN and 600 cN, see for an example the video of our Tension Controlled Unwind type TCU

If requested we can offer an Online Splicer to provide an automatic and fail-safe splice without a stop of the product line between 0-150 m/min.

The unit was equiped with a Tidland Airexpanding shaft and can be modified to an Expanding Shaft without the use of Airpressure


Delivery is a free download, including the full Technical Construction File (set up in Autodesk Inventor) with Main-assembly and Sub-assmblies together with all Mono-drawings and Excel Partslist. At the time of writing, April 1st 2020 we still have to add the electrical diagram with partslist. This information is coming from our Drive and Automation Partner in Nijverdal – The NetherlandsĀ  Tebrutech IndustriĆ«le Automatisering.

Manufacturing parts are well know at our Partner Chessa Metaalbewerking BV in Sneek – The Netherlands. The welded Framework can be ordered at our partner Nijhuis Metaal BV in Ootmarsum – The Netherlands.

For other information, or consultancy, please feel free to drop an email or give us a call at info@pica-ic.eu