INNOVATION: Automatic Flip of RSU-Threads


Within the security paper industry the use of RSU-Right Side Up Thread is increasing. Either due to Printing face or single-side coating.

Nevertheless when a RSU thread is introduced into the paper and twist, the production with twisted thread is subject to waste.

Nowadays camara-inspection systems like In-Core Systèmes © or Isra Vision © allows to automatically inspect the quality during production and to continuously check for conformity at the paper making level on i.e.:

  • Security thread: position, side insertion and stretching inspection
  • Window thread: registry, bridges, window size and shape inspection

If the thread is incorrect in the paper, an alarm signal is activated and motivates the operator to the wet-end section of the Paper Machine to solve the error as quick as possible.

The above mentioned camera inspection system can be linked to the ‘automatic flipping instrument’ which ‘flip’ the thread instantly. Together with the Multiple Unwind System, at which each unwinded bobbin is addressed, monitored and controlled in tension to a defined track in the paper,  a single thread in a single position can be flipped, just as long as when the camer-inspection system says it’s ok.

A solution provived by state-of-the-art Unwinders (MUS) together with the Thread Insertion- & Oscillation System provides you the best efficiency and control in your process.

This solution is offered as a turn-key project, but feel free to send your request for a technology-share.

An essential guide to the technology behind security threads for banknotes can be downloaded by clicking on the text-hyperlink of Currency News