103005 Mark-1 Twin Special Ø6 inch Splicer

The Online Splicer offers an automatic and fail-safe splice without a stop of the product line between 0-150 m/min

The unit is a combination of:

  • 2 unwinders
  • one splice module and
  • one material accumulator

The Unwinders are used to drive flat- or pancake-wound tape rolls with full tension control and to deliver the tape to the subject Machine

  • gently
  • at definite line tension

regardless of the line speed.

A unit that can be used as downstream splicer for taping units from Straub© or Enpro©. These units has to be stopped when the tape roll depletes. With this euqipment you can run continous without stop and perfect tension control over the full web. The splicer is a butt-splicer together with a servo-driven accumulator.