• 103000-2

103000 Mark-1 Twin Special Ø6 inch Splicer


Manual-But-Splicer based upon Mark-1 Non-Driven Unwinds

The Online Splicer offers a manual and fail-safe splice without a stop of the product line between 0-30 m/min The unit is a combination of

• 2 Mark-1 unwinders type 6-Inch
• one splice-tabkle module
• one material accumulator
• one auto-tape-cutting unit

The Unwinders are used to drive cross-wound tape rolls with full tension control and to deliver the tape to the subject Machine

• gently
• at definite line tension
• regardless of the line speed



• 2/off Non-Driven Unwind Sections type Mark-1 suitabel for 6-Inch , in a separate Stainless Steel frame
• A system outlined for tape-application suitable up to 30 m/min max.
• A system outlined for a tape-width of 25mm;
• Manual Splice Section, to splice the tape during operation
• A buffer to enable a continuous operation during splicing; the buffer will work manually and “empty” itself during splicing cycle
• The Frame will be mobile on heavy duty wheels which allows you to allocate the system to other machines of yours.
• The price is exclusive the glue-equipment; subject to purpose.
• The frame will content a bracket with height adjustment to adapt the glue-nozzle, if purpose
• The frame will content an position-roller, adjustable in height to apply the tape, pre-glued with the before mentioned hotmelt to a web; the tape will be adjustable in crosswise position plus in height to cope with different machines (web-heights)
• Material used: Stainless Steel 304, Anodized Aluminium
• The machine will be equipped with safety guards and doors, a safety switch will be made available to you for integration / hardwired, in your safetly loop by means of Harting Connector.
• Besides the safety-swich, no further electrics or electronics is used

The proposed 2 Unwinds are considered as 1+1, meaning 1 in operation and 1 standby.
By using two Unwinds & -Applicators per track (in one line) a new tape-reel can applied when the other tape-reel is depleted.