100510 Mark-4 Right Ø6 inch INOX


A dancer arm controlled powered, Right-handed, unwind for web tensioning and dispensing traverse wound (tear) tape reels.
The unwind system is capable of dispensing from a

  • 320mm diameter max. roll of adhesive traverse wound (Tear) Tape with a 6-inch inner core diameter (JUMBO) and a 180mm core width.

The Mark-4 is easily retrofitted onto most wrapping machines and/or to integrate in each production process.
It’s especially applied in situations where you would like to control the web, by constant tension and speed
The unit is designed to dispense (Tear) Tape in the unwind direction of the (packaging) film or other product.
Tension can be adjusted to suit the over (wrapping film). This gives the excellent lay-flat characteristics and prevents puckering on the film – the herringbone effect.


  • Constant web tensioning and speed.
  • No wrinkling of the (packaging) Film
  • Closed design, to prevent dust from entering and binding;
  • Simple integration in each production process;
  • Completely independent operating system


Suitable for: High speed (wrapping) machines
Enveloppe Forming Machines, Folder/Gluers etc.
i.e. GD-4350, GD-C600, GD-C800, Schmermund RC-500
Jagenberg, W&D
Speed: up to 200 m/min
Foot print : 585(w) x 415(h) x 615(d) mm
Power : 220VAC/50Hz/10A