100030 Mark-1 Mini Right Ø29 inch INOX


A MINI version of our Mark-1 Dispenser, which allows you to install when space is limited

A dancer arm controlled non-driven unwind for web tensioning and dispensing traverse wound (tear) tape reels..
The unwind system is capable of dispensing from a

• 150mm diameter max. roll with a 30mm core (STANDARD SMALL)
• Other reel dimensions available on request.

This universal mounting dispenser is suitable for all types of wrapping machines and does not require complicated installation procedures.


• Economic design
• Left- as well as Right handed
• Maintenance free
• Adjustable tension control
• Automatic free unwinding
• Suitable for bobbins with core 29 mm
With or without flanges


Suitable for: Several Wrapping machines
Dimensions: see leaflet