100022 Mark-1 Left Ø6 inch Coated Guiderollers


A dancer arm controlled non-driven unwind for web tensioning and dispensing traverse wound (tear) tape reels.

This Left hand unit is equiped with anti-stick rollers on which adhesive doesn’t stick. The unit is designed for unwinding unwinding of 6-Inch bobbins at higher speeds. An application is mostly in the industry where fingerlift tape – wide tapes as off 8mm is applied. These tape are normally not twisted and the adhesive side of the tape is in full contact with the rollers

The unwind system is capable of dispensing from a

  • 220mm diameter max. roll with a 6-inch core,
    core Length: 165mm

This universal mounting dispenser is suitable for all types of wrapping machines and does not require complicated installation procedures.
The unwind system can be delivered with mounting brackets and guide rollers to position the tape on the film.


  • Design, left- and right handed version available
  • Low investment
  • Better product quality
  • Maintenance free
  • Adjustable tension control
  • Automatic free unwinding
  • Suitable for bobbins with core 6”
  • With anti-stick coated rollers


Dimensions: 400(l) x 410(h) x 330 (d) mm
Suitable for a variety of applications, filmwrappers and wider tapes like fingerlift tapes > 8mm