100001 Mark-1 Twin Left/Right Ø29 mm INOX


A dancer arm controlled non-driven unwind for web tensioning and dispensing traverse wound (tear) tape reels, as TWIN version

The unwind system is capable of dispensing by two unwinders two reels from a

• 150mm diameter max. roll with a 30mm core (STANDARD SMALL)
• Other reel dimensions available on request.

This universal mounting twin dispenser is suitable for all types of wrapping machines and does not require complicated installation procedures.

The (Tear) tapes are easily aligned across the sysyem by using the four extra guide-rollers


• Economic design
• Left- as well as Right handed
• Maintenance free
• Adjustable tension control
• Automatic free unwinding
• Suitable for bobbins with core 29 mm
with or without flanges.


Suitable for: Several Wrapping machines

Dimensions: see product lay-out drawing